September Poll: Post Covid Office Workspace, Outlook Varies by Users

In September, MCRE conducted a one question survey on office workspace. We simply asked, “When COVID is over, do you think your company will use the same amount of space as before?” The question was put to 3 different groups with different workflows: attorneys, media production/distribution firms, and office administrators of primarily educational and municipal offices.

When given the choice of Yes, No, or Maybe, attorneys were the most certain, with 60% of respondents indicating they will use less office workplace and only 7% of them unsure. In interviews, attorneys indicated workflow changes that not only require less office time but also significant less travel and commuting time required for meetings, negotiations, and court appearances.

Media and administration respondents were more uncertain, with 38% of media and 25% of admins unsure. Media respondents cited the strong need for collaboration, client confidentiality, and content security in their workflow as the reason to not reduce their workplace footprint.